Tank Volume Calculator

Tank Volume

{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.tankVolume.gallons}} gal
{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.tankVolume.cubicFeet}} ft3
{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.tankVolume.liters}} l
{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.tankVolume.cubicM}} m3

Liquid Volume

{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.liquidVolume.gallons}} gal
{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.liquidVolume.cubicFeet}} ft3
{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.liquidVolume.liters}} l
{{tankResultsCtrl.rectTankVolume.liquidVolume.cubicM}} m3

Tank Volume

{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.tankVolume.gallons}} gal
{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.tankVolume.cubicFeet}} ft3
{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.tankVolume.liters}} l
{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.tankVolume.cubicM}} m3

Liquid Volume

{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.liquidVolume.gallons}} gal
{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.liquidVolume.cubicFeet}} ft3
{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.liquidVolume.liters}} l
{{tankResultsCtrl.cylTankVolume.liquidVolume.cubicM}} m3

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Tank Drawing




Diameter Image
Required Must be a positive number
Width Image
Required Must be a positive number
Height Image
Required Must be a positive number
Straight Side Image
Required Must be a positive number
Liquid Level Image
Must be a positive number Liquid height cannot be greater than side height
Must be a positive number

Conversion Tools App

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How it works

Bringing more solutions and flexibility to their customer base, Silverson introduces a free smartphone app – a tank volume calculator – that can be used to determine the volume of almost any vertical tank, based on varying parameters. Users input variables by choosing from the following:

Vertical Tank Shapes:

Top and Bottom Styles:

While the tank volume calculator is invaluable when sizing a mixer for a tank or specifying a tank for a particular volume, it can also be helpful on the processing floor in determining how much to fill a vessel to get a specific volume for a particular batch or formulation. Similarly finished batch volume can be worked out using the tank volume calculator.

When specifying in-tank mixers, one of the first pieces of information needed is tank volume. Vessel Geometry, formulation, viscosity and density are just some of the other factors analyzed by Silverson engineers in matching a mixer to your process. Contact one of our experts to match a mixer to your process.

Bonus Tools

Since many engineers and operations personnel work in a global environment switching between metric and U.S. measurements, the conversion tool app is a handy reference for just about any process environment. Initially designed as a quick tank volume calculator for use in place of a slide rule, the new Silverson Conversion Tools app also offers users eight additional conversion applications, ranging from motor power to weight.

Additional conversion tools included on the app:
Fine Measurement
Motor Power

Along with the conversion tools, the app lets users Email or Share tank volume calculation results with colleagues and includes a browser for viewing the Silverson website and product lines.

The Silverson Conversion Tools app is available on the iOS platform for iPhones, iPads, etc., as well as the Android platform.

Download the app at the Apple App Store or Google Play and search under “Silverson” or “Silverson Conversion Tools.”

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